Celebrating artisans and supporting marginalised communities. KASARI means in moroccan arabic « my castle ». This fair trade shop was founded by Sarah for customers to purchase beautiful handmade products while creating awareness and support for  female moroccan artisans.
moroccan rugs
With a background in history, specialising in the arts and the middle east, our founder has spent the last 2 years learning first hand about the industry here in Montreal as well as on the international level.
KASARI, like its creator, is above all a concept of life, it is a symbol of open-mindedness, a place where curiosity never ends, where authenticity and originality are always admired.
About the Founder:
Having been born in France but grown up between France, Denmark and Morocco. Sarah has literally lived the `cultural melting pot`, giving this young adventurer a true openness to the world, pushing her to constantly explore new horizons.
Her particular passionate eye for spacial design and decoration are certainly a gift mother`s side, with noticeable hints from their Berber heritage . She does not hesitate to mix styles of the traditional and modern, drawing inspiration from her own travels which give life to her interior designs.
Her passions truly started when she was 9/10 years old. She used to work with her parents at different design event and shows around Paris. When other kids where drawing animals and houses, Sarah was drawing furniture. She then had her first student jobs with two Danish design companies, BoConcept in Toulouse, France, and Kvik in Denmark.