• Spring Cleaning: how to clean a moroccan rug


    When the days begin to heat up in Morocco it is time to roll the carpets up and store them away until the cold weather returns. However, they must first be cleaned. At the moment in the medinas (cities of Morocco) there is a wonderful display of carpets being hung out to dry in the sun.

    Spring cleaning is a universal activity and in Morocco with its warmth and sunshine it is time to wash the carpets. Forget using a vacuum cleaner or even suggesting one. The suggestion that a vacuum cleaner might do the job is met with rolled eyes and ill-disguised derision. No, you will be told firmly, the carpets must be washed.

    Washing a large Moroccan carpet is a major undertaking. Traditionally they are washed in a river, but for people in cities the only way of doing the job properly is with buckets of water and scrubbing brushes. I remember my grandma and my aunties doing that in the Stah (rooftop).

    Meanwhile in the country side:


    Then they leave it to dry in the sun:


    Photos by The View From Fez


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