• 3 Ways to Hang Your Rug on Walls!

    3 Ways to Hang Your Rug on Walls!

    Designers Use Rugs as Wall Hangings, and You Should Too!!!

    There’s nothing like a good rug to pull a room together, which is why we’re all about showcasing our wovens like the true treasures they are. From kilims to shaggy Beni Ourain, rugs can set the tone and style of an entire room, especially when they’re hanging on a wall.

    When the floor just isn’t giving your rug the spotlight it deserves, bring that beauty up to eye-level. 

    Here 3 ideas:

    Staged this living room with a huge rug that takes up almost the entire wall. In terms of cost per inch, that's an affordable way to cover a lot of real estate and make a gigantic statement.

    A Moroccan rug, like this one, is substantial, yet remains a neutral backdrop for this serene bedroom. Yet it gives the wall extra warmth and depth.

    Photo by Kasari Studio


    Small rugs or narrow runners, can create little "moments" in awkward or transitional spots on the wall.

    vintage rug on walls

    Image from: Design Sponge


    Use it as a piece of art. It is fun, graphic, and adds the right amount of cheer and color to the space.

    Photo by Matthieu Salvaing/OTTO

    Have you ever used a rug on the wall versus the floor? If so, did you like the result?

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